Create Your Own Action Plan for Rural Broadband Month

Create Your Own Action Plan for Rural Broadband Month

As I shared yesterday, rural broadband now has its own month of celebration, attention, focus thanks to the FCC’s decree, so NTCA will do our part to keep the celebration going all month long!  What’s not to love about a recognition of how critical rural broadband infrastructure is to the economic development, public safety, education, healthcare and quality of life?

Our fabulous team here at NTCA will do their best to keep our members…and policymakers…and interested parties engaged on 1) why broadband is the 21st century infrastructure challenge 2) USF as the key business case for rural investment 3) the role that Smart Rural Communities play in creating rural success stories (cannot wait for my field trip to Maine with Senator King to celebrate Unitel and Unity, Maine’s Smart Rural Community in a few weeks) and 4) how even wireless solutions to some of the most extreme rural broadband challenges need a wired infrastructure.

So here are some of our initial thoughts as we start Rural Broadband Month off on the right foot!


Celebrate Rural Broadband Month With NTCA

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has declared August Rural Broadband Month at the FCC. NTCA will celebrate the month by sharing why the Universal Service Fund is part of the business case for rural investment, Smart Rural Community success stories, and the complementary nature of wired and wireless technologies. Below are some ways you can join NTCA in celebrating the month:

  • Tune in to FCC Open Meeting This Thursday
    The August FCC open meeting agenda includes a number of items focused on connecting more rural Americans. Members can watch the meeting online on Thursday at 10:30 a.m.
  • Follow Along on Social Media
    Keep an eye on NTCA Facebook and Twitter for shareable content and to stay updated on activities throughout the month.
  • Plan Your August Congressional Recess Outreach
    NTCA encourages members to make plans to engage with your Congressional representatives while they are back home. Access the In-State Advocacy Resources to assist you. Let us know who you have met with so that we can assist with follow-up, and don’t forget to send pictures from meetings you’ve held.
  • Join the #BuildBroadbandWithUs Campaign
    There is still time to participate in the Build Broadband With Us campaign designed to engage NTCA members and others by advocating for broadband that meets the needs of consumers and businesses in rural communities across the country. Sign up to be a digital advocate today at
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