Cyber Month….Are You Ready?

Cyber Month….Are You Ready?

The more I hear about cyber threats and the “spot on” but frightening adage that it’s not “if” but “when” you’ll be impacted by an attack, the more I am motivated to ensure that NTCA stays in front of our membership pushing cyber awareness.

How appropriate that our upcoming Cybersecurity Summit will take place next week – smack in the middle of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The location is central, in Kansas City, in the early part of next week and when I last checked in our attendance was ok but I continue to wonder why every single NTCA member is not sending at least one person from their team to spend some time in one place listening to experts and peers whose discussions will be focused exclusively on community-based broadband providers and how to protect their assets as well as the assets of their customers.

From security experts, to the role of law enforcement, insurance and legal implications, building a cyber risk management program, cyber table top exercises, assessing threats, mitigating ransomware, testing your network security, supply chain risk management (who knew that your lowest level vendor like your HVAC contractor might actually be the “open door” into your network?) and sharing best practices will all be part of the 2 day summit.

One of my most valued sessions at our past regional meetings has been the AMAC’s panel session on cyber. I particularly loved having Shilah Butler, senior executive with Copper Valley in Alaska, share her experience attending our Cyber Summit last year where she found herself calling back to the office in a tizzy every break with ideas on how Copper Valley needed to move forward on many things she had not been aware of on the network security front. Having her share her experiences as she reflects and prepares to attend her second Cyber Summit was invaluable.

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