Finding Network Scope and Expanding the Scale

Finding Network Scope and Expanding the Scale

Here at NTCA, we hosted a call yesterday between INDATEL, the one national point of contact for access to 27 state fiber networks owned by rural independent carriers, and a group of the executives who each run their own state telecommunications association. The purpose of the discussion was to find more creative ways to have INDATEL partner with its industry colleagues to assist with the deployment of large scale/multistate business opportunities. INDATEL has done a really good job in aggressively forging relationships with the large national carriers and in looking high and low for ways to deliver broadband network solutions to enterprise vertical markets, including government, education, manufacturing and health care. It has also made great headway in working with USDA and hopefully with FirstNet and GSA. However, as robust as INDATEL is with its more than 90,000 route miles of fiber-optic backbone owned by RLECs, these national opportunities coming down the pike will require an even bigger footprint. And we at NTCA are all about working with our members on how to monetize their networks further.

A lot of the state execs on the call already have a robust state fiber network owned by their membership, but many states have not had the ability to bring all of the carriers to the table and yet should have some opportunities to work within a larger group to bid on some of these enterprise and government opportunities. I’m hopeful that there were some constructive takeaways on both sides.

Every time I look at this map, I continue to believe that great things can be done to bring the networks of RLECs into play and into demand.
Leveraging INDATEL for National Opportunities_12-18-15


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