Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend

The challenging part of having two relatively, newly minted young professional daughters in two major cities has been the implicit competition of seeing each of their “new” apartments in a timely fashion. Kelsey, my youngest, who has been in NYC for the past year and a half, just moved to the West Village. That, of course, required a trip up to check on her new digs. Thinking strategically, Don and I hit on this long holiday weekend since two nights together in the city still gave us the holiday on Monday to get tasks done at home.

Alas, Friday morning came and so did the flu for Don. After making sure he was fully stocked with toast, apple sauce and chicken soup, I took my favorite mode of transportation—the train—up to Penn Station in NYC and chuckled as I had to find a coffee shop across from Kelsey’s apartment building to wait for her while she was running late on a project at work that had kept her. The generational transition has been fun to experience. As she blew into the shop, complete with purse, bags, boots and parka, I laughed to see that her #ruraliscool wristband is still part of her “jewelry” collection around her wrist and thought about how many conversations that must start in the middle of Manhattan! But she was certainly a sight for poor eyes.


While we missed Don and sent him photos every few hours from our adventures—out to dinner, off to find chocolate fondue, a stroll around Washington Square and NYU, a return trip to watch “The Lion King” (Kelsey’s third viewing and my second, but always her first choice when I’m buying tickets!), to scurrying as quickly as possible through Times Square to avoid the tourists (something New Yorkers disdain more than gum on the bottom of their shoes), riding the subways and visiting vintage bookshops. And even though my hotel was a mere five-minute walk from her apartment, Kelsey and I were roomies in my little NYC hotel room for the entire weekend, certainly ensuring that there wasn’t anything that we hadn’t caught up on by the time I pulled out today.

My heart is always a little heavy leaving her yet so filled with pride at the really amazing young woman she has become.


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