In Iowa Talking about Rural Broadband

In Iowa Talking about Rural Broadband

It took 3 attempts at landing at the Des Moines airport last night, but the third time, in high winds, was clearly the charm, and the plane cheered when we were safely on the ground. That is a better story than the University of Michigan basketball team that ended blowing off a runway and putting a possible dent in their plans for flying to D.C. for their Big 10 game tomorrow that Don has tickets to attend.

It was great to spend time with Dave Duncan and our amazing Iowa folks who have so many examples of best practices in collaboration, marketing, co-managing, m&a activity, fiber deployments and serving their customers. Who doesn’t love a meeting where the theme is all about Field of Dreams….if you build it, they will come.

Iowa also has the distinction of having the largest number of women who manage independent telcos – so doubly appropriate to be with them on International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate all of the amazing, brilliant, sassy and successful women I know, love and admire!

I also appreciated the flexibility and adaptability of our Iowa friends to accommodate my early departure from Iowa to ensure that I return to time for our White House adventure tomorrow to talk about infrastructure. Take off was bumpy but not nearly as exciting a flight as the night before.

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