‘O Canada’ …

‘O Canada’ …

‘O Canada’ is long one of my favorite international anthems. I am heading to the great north on a day when it is springlike beautiful here on the East Coast, and will only be 40 degrees colder as we fly over the border. It is most unfortunate, however, that I am already dressed for the Canadian cold as I sit on my “broken” airplane on the DCA tarmac heading into three hours now, and I am competing with my fellow fliers for any moving air on this airplane.

Rough start aside, I am looking forward to spending time with the small telecom providers in the Canadian Independent Telecom Association and the Ontario Telecom Association in Toronto for their annual meeting—if I get there!

There are so many correlations between telcos that have historically provided services in areas where larger carriers chose not to serve, and certainly Canada has its share of WIDE open spaces. I’m looking forward to sharing with them some of my thoughts on the future of rural communications and where it might lie in the wireless, fiber, cloud and hosting and content space, and hearing what challenges they are facing in their own markets and with their own regulatory regime. As a matter of coincidence (maybe?), the Canadian Embassy reached out last week to set up a meeting with me and Mike Romano with their assistant deputy minister for technology at the end of this week.

Even more reason for me to learn the Canadian anthem beyond the opening stanza, perhaps?

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