Rural is Cool

Rural is Cool

Look what was found on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, where only the hardiest of climbers can make their way to the summit.  Yes, former NTCA board President and Blackfoot Telecom CEO, Earl Owens and his wife along with his Rural Is Cool bumper sticker!  Making its way all the way to Tanzania, the highest mountain in Africa, the message reminding folks – even those who do not speak English as their main language – that rural holds a very important place in our world economy.

It reminded me of other reasons why rural is cool….

Smart Rural Communities exist even where the air is frigid!

Advanced services exist – thanks to NTCA members – where there are more wild critters than people!

Even in the desert portions of Israel, there is critical telecom equipment and connectivity!

Smart Ag has so much IoT potential

Office safety is always top of mind!

Iowa is more than just a fly-over state and is part of the world’s critical breadbasket.

Even those of us who did not live in rural America, certainly are always delighted when we have the opportunity to spend time out there!

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