A Big Celebration!

A Big Celebration!

This weekend saw my mother celebrate her 80th birthday in Norton Shores, Mich.  For those who know me, this celebration is pretty momentous given all of the serious health issues my mother has endured the past several years and the number of calls from the hospital that have sounded dire and necessitated a quick flight to check in . But like a cat with nine lives, my mother has been able to spring back each time.

Don and I flew up for the weekend to celebrate her big day and check on any progress my folks are making in cleaning out their house and thinking about decluttering decades of “stuff” in case they actually make the move to an assisted living complex the next time another apartment opens up instead of insisting that it’s not on the right floor, has the wrong layout or some other justifiable reason to delay.  And I totally get it – there are so many challenges around making the leap to leave their home but neither of them is in stellar shape and help, in some fashion, will soon be needed.

But for this weekend, we enjoyed the fact that they could take a short walk around the still snow-covered block and could still find humor in my mother being able to beat my dad with her scooter (seemed like an unfair advantage but who am I to talk?)

A lovely dinner, hours sitting around the living room catching up, a quick trip to the UPS Store to ship some of their albums to my home so that I can divide them up for my brother and I and just time to celebrate all that comes with 80 years of adventure.

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