A Joyous Reunion

A Joyous Reunion

As some folks in my NTCA family know, our youngest daughter Kelsey has been working overseas in the Middle East for the past 4 months. Her gig ended last week and Don and I were on pins and needles eagerly awaiting her return. Given that we have also been taking care of her little pup (ok, not so little anymore) Luna during her absence, we were not the only one eager to greet her back home.

Sometimes, there is no purer expression of love and joy than one an animal has to give and while I think Kelsey worried more about whether Luna would remember her than many of the actual “re-entry” types of things she should or could have been worrying about, that concern was quickly put to rest as Luna ran crazy, whimpering circles around Kelsey the moment her boots hit the back gate and concluded with random kisses and snuggles for the entire weekend.

While the world has certainly gotten smaller through the use of technology and travel – we all know that there is really no place like home.

Who doesn’t love a bundle of pups?

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