A Long Road Ahead

A Long Road Ahead


We are one week away from when Hurricane Florence hit the coast of North Carolina and amazingly enough, things are getting worse for our NTCA broadband members, before they are getting better. The pictures and stories of devastation are heartbreaking. To add insult to injury, the rivers are now cresting further and water is hurtling in 6-foot waves to some of our member companies on top of already flooded infrastructure. The question of where does one even start on the clean up, becomes a daunting one.

If there is any good news, it is that RUS reached out quickly to offer assistance and now I hope they are in a position to expedite aid. We also see needs like Star Telecommunications and RiverStreet in North Carolina have that government agencies or fellow brethren in our industry can step up to fill. NTCA activated our Disaster Relief Clearinghouse but what we are likely to be sharing in the days ahead are the needs that these companies have to help their employees—most of whom have been displaced—to simply get through the next few weeks. Clothing, personal hygiene items, diapers…all of the simple, everyday things we take for granted, are likely all needed.

Stay tuned as we see how we can band together to help our friends. More to follow from us here at NTCA.

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