A New Year Ahead…

A New Year Ahead…

I long ago gave up any pretense that I made New Year’s resolutions and then strove to keep them. Sure, I have my general messages to myself…I’m going to eat better, make it to the gym more often, be more patient and the list goes on but I find that loud pronouncements aren’t effective for me staying on task.

But I do have a few routines at the end of the year. I like to read lists of best books that came out that year and purchase a few of them, I am finding myself more gravitating to the end of the year “best feel good stories” than biggest news stories (which have become too stressful!), and Don and I make our way to our neighborhood Fondue restaurant as part of our annual celebration to welcome a new year.

I also create a list of things that I want to keep top of mind and as a top priority for NTCA and our members. I share the list with our team and keep it in a notebook that I carry to meetings and keep it on a notecard on my desk. While the list has no particular priority or timing and can see items added and dropped as the year goes on, it is my own compass to what I want to ensure I am spending my time and energy focusing on. It’s sometimes too easy to get distracted (my visual image is DogFF in the Disney movie Up…”Squirrel”!)

In the spirit of sharing – here are a few of the items (as of 12/31/19, of course) I have on my list.

Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) – rules that support future-proof technologies.

Mobility play on 5G Fund and how to expand support for fiber – #FiberFast

Smart Rural Community next steps – taking our new branding effort to the next step and engaging more NTCA members!

Get our new cyber threat information sharing service up and running

Look for opportunities to use scope and scale to help NTCA members purchase key products for their operations

USF Contribution reform – gaining traction using data

Seek new possible plays in the mobility space

Continue to focus on NTCA’s internal workplace culture

Get more NTCA member communications tools up and running – can anyone say podcast??!

Continue to support the efforts of NTCA’s Trustees – GHP and R&S in providing fabulous services and tools to our membership

Continue to seek partnership opportunities for rural broadband providers

Then I have some realistic goals like keeping the television remote away from Luna’s jaw of destruction, cutting down on eating too many cookies and remembering to say more “please” and “thank you”.

Every year has it ups and downs and while 2019 brought many good things, it was also a tough year for my family with some significant losses of those we loved, so I will gladly raise my glass tonight to face 2020 with joy and optimism.

From our home to yours – all the best for those you love in the year ahead!

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