A Productive Fall Conference with a Full Agenda

A Productive Fall Conference with a Full Agenda

I’m still winging my way back to DCA as we wrapped up another successful Fall Conference—this one in Seattle—and had the opportunity to share ideas, programming and some great networking with 1500 of our NTCA members. From augmented reality (which BTW, will require a robust broadband network) to life lessons, to how millennials use technology, to tips on how to create partnerships, to a recap of the flurry of DC regulatory and legislative activity, to wireless to video, to programming for our jointly conducted legal seminar…a fast-paced four days and now everyone is likely heading home, hoping for a good night’s sleep and finding what awaits them tomorrow at the office. But the time was certainly well spent…

NTCA’s leadership met and moved forward on a number of key initiatives as did all of our committees. We have nearly 200 member volunteers who give their time and energy to help the association navigate policy issues, technical innovation, educational opportunities and select national award winners.

Our fabulous Foundation for Rural Service also had some podium time and a huge thanks goes out to FRS board member Stephen Milner who stepped in for Board Chairman Eric Cramer who was busy back at home in North Carolina cleaning up a lot of flooding. (More on that as we seek ways to help our Carolina companies). As FRS gets ready to celebrate their 25 years, we are ready to celebrate all the amazing ways they create programs to educate rural youth, local communities, and policymakers on what broadband really means for a rural community.

I always come away from these meetings filled with ideas for our next gathering and a renewed appreciation for how hard our team works to make the experience worthwhile.


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