All I Want for Christmas…

All I Want for Christmas…

As we rush into the end of the year, it certainly is a time to reflect on the year we are saying goodbye to and to also look ahead to 2019. We are certainly doing that here at NTCA as we begin to work on our 2019 goals and our 2019 policy priorities and strategies.

Other things to ponder are ways to ensure that your teams have the right tools in their hands as we begin the new year. Hopefully NTCA members have already received the mailing from our team inviting you to check out NTCA’s eStore to find resources that help grow your company, build a resources portfolio, and turn your telco into a business of the future. From our HR Survival Kit Bundle to our NTCA Cybersecurity Bundle—there is a wealth of information to share and a wonderful way to ensure your team starts the new year off on the right foot. NTCA members will get an additional 20 percent discount when you use the promo code LITTLE ELF…and I am really tempted to add that shipping is free (have I received too many promotional emails myself this holiday season??) but that makes sense given that it is an e-store!

Also, add anyone and everyone on your board and team to our #RuralIsCool e-newsletter as well. This is now a complimentary service as part of your NTCA membership and a great way to keep everyone you work with up to speed on FCC filings, legislative updates, NTCA news, and stories of innovation from our membership. And who doesn’t like free?

The year ahead is likely to be nearly as exciting and action-packed as 2018 so I think we’ll all be looking for ways to catch our breath and move forward, simultaneously!

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