And so it begins……

And so it begins……

The mercury in the thermometers is inching up and the sure sign of summer finally being here is the number of industry meetings that will be taking place across the country.

It was a treat to travel to the Telecom Insurance Group meeting up in Maine earlier this week – and not just because the temperature was lovely and the smell of pine was in the air. Our friends at TIG had a great program that covered several risks folks should be thinking about and I actually felt like I had the “light lift” of the group for getting to talk about activities in DC on the policy front. When that topic becomes the “easy listening” part of the conference, you know that there are many weighty issues to be pondered.

Aside from seeing a number of NTCA members in one location, I particularly enjoyed the discussion that Peter and Marilyn put together which highlighted cybersecurity risks. I know folks feel like they’ve heard a lot about the topic but I have almost decided that you simply cannot hear enough. Timing being what it is, we had just processed a wire transfer at our operations the day before, after our CFO and I made special inquiries to ensure that it was a real request – only to find out that last year saw over $1 billion in company assets disappear through fake wire transfer requests.  If I truly owe any of you money, my apologies since I likely deleted any requests you have made. After all, better safe than sorry! Sadly, their timing on having an active shooter(s) in the workplace session was more relevant than any of us would like to see on the evening news – our hearts are with the folks in Annapolis this week.

On a brighter note, I also had the opportunity this week to take Nancy White, former NCTC CEO, who is working on partnership initiatives with us here at NTCA, to visit some of the top infrastructure folks at USDA. We had a very constructive conversation on broadband support even as the Senate passed their version of the Farm Bill that, while better than the House version, still lacked some essential strong overbuilding provisions to ensure that the best use of government resources was utilized as the demand for broadband exceeds the available support mechanisms.




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