Before There Was Twitter, There Was Telco: NTCA Launches Its 2019 Throwback Campaign!

Before There Was Twitter, There Was Telco: NTCA Launches Its 2019 Throwback Campaign!

This week we gathered in Washington, D.C., to champion the success of rural broadband providers expanding their reach with the support of good public policies and to advocate for all the good work our member companies do. We heard from many speakers who touched on issues important to our members like broadband mapping, telehealth, and the new Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, announced last Friday. We also celebrated our strong legacy of success and commitment to rural America through service excellence.

To further that celebration and in anticipation of our 65th anniversary on June 1, we are launching our 2019 Throwback Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to generate hundreds of stories across social media to weave together that same narrative of commitment to community and service excellence, evolution and experience that we commemorated this week.

I encourage our members to celebrate their long history of service excellence by shouting their stories from the social media rooftops! And we certainly know that there are many stories to tell..

We are aligning our messaging to celebrate the future and past of the rural broadband industry with days of the week hashtags on Twitter.

So, on Mondays please mention us @NTCAconnect and use #MotivationMonday to share a story from your company that inspires you for the future. Are there young people in your community working with you to make a difference? Are you heartened by the announcement of the new Rural Digital Opportunity Fund? Let us know!

On Fridays, please mention us @NTCAconnect and use #FlashbackFriday to share stories from days past. Are there past and present photos of your telco leadership? (that they will let you share!) Would you like to remember a founder for his or her commitment to the company? Even photos of old equipment show how much has changed. We want to hear from and celebrate you!

Please check out our Twitter page for suggested tweets to share with your followers. I am so looking forward to celebrating member stories from the past and championing our work for the future.

This campaign launches tomorrow, April 19, and will run through May until NTCA’s Founder’s Day on June 1, 2019. We will wrap with a special (secret) announcement for our members!

Don’t forget: Tweet your company origin story using #FlashbackFriday and be sure to include our handle @NTCAconnect. Share the date and year your company was founded and by whom. Pictures, videos, whatever you have – we cannot wait to see!

What a wonderful way to remind folks that just like your companies first brought telephone service to rural America, you are the ones that your communities are relying on to bring broadband and advanced service to them now and in the future!

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