CES Ends Another Round

CES Ends Another Round

I have yet to actually experience first hand the chaos, glamour and mind-blowing technology showcased at CES every year in Las Vegas but I find myself living vicariously through our own Josh Seidemann’s blogs and updates. Check out his latest Medium post entitled Privacy, Promise and Temptation as he shares his take on the latest show that wrapped up last week.

Given our interest in technology and health care, it’s no surprise that Josh spent a fair amount of time checking out the surgical robots that allow remote angioplasties and other broadband connected devices that enable telehealth in the home with maybe a little bit more focus on privacy issues as these worlds continue to collide. Where is convenience in having past purchases tracked intrusive vs convenient? Does that line keep shifting?

Per recent surveys cited by Josh, 35 percent of Americans have a smart TV. I just purchased one for Don and I after 10 years with our last TV. Star Wars is amazing on this television and I must say, so far the biggest allure of the smart TV for me is not having to handle 3 different remotes and still manage to screw things up. I can turn this new television on all by myself without getting black screens of death and won’t really have problems with this television knowing that PetTV is a good show to turn on on a Sunday afternoon to get the dogs engaged when I want to get some quiet time to get work done….but that is yet to come, I think.

It sounds like this year there were a lot of new laptops, super HD and all. New laptops that probably have even more features that I can never figure out, Twitter features that will allow you to control who can reply to your tweets, Uber with flying taxi rides and the list goes on. I did have a smart toilet recently in a hotel and no one really wants to have a conversation with the toilet at 3 am.

Smart Toilets are not quite ready for prime time….

So while I think it is fun to see what might be rolling out right now, what might be rolling out in the near future and what is someone’s pipe dream – I like to focus on what makes my life easier now.

I’m going to settle for my Alexa telling me the weather in the morning and playing holiday songs on demand, my ability to FaceTime with my girls when they are hundreds and even thousands of miles away and maybe even my Furbo when I need to ensure that Luna and Cassie haven’t eaten my couch or snow boots! But I am excited about the intersection of broadband and technology and think we have not even scratched the surface of what that can mean for rural Americans.

Checking the Furbo even when the pups are on the couch with us!

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