Digital Challenges

Digital Challenges

One of my very, very favorite initiatives of our Foundation for Rural Service  (FRS) has been our newly-launched Rural Youth App Challenge.

The FRS is excited to announce the second annual app challenge which really speaks to rural youth about the importance of serving and improving the rural communities where they live—through technology that NTCA members provide. I am here to help spread the word!

What is the challenge?

Finding a venue for students to develop a concept for a mobile app that addresses a problem or improves a process in their rural community or in rural America in general. The challenge is open to those in grades 7-12 and at least one team member must live in an NTCA member service territory. The deadline is not until March 1, 2019 but I encourage all who are eligible to start brainstorming how to best use technology to ensure that the communities they live in have the best access to all the amazing services we see today. You can download this flyer to help share the news with students you know and schools in your service areas.

I think a lot about technology access. With aging parents, I spend a great deal of effort exploring tech options available, simply assuming that my folks will actually use those options. However, I am also the “queen” of technology in my “real” life as well. Uber to Capitol Hill, automatic bill pay for most of my bills and quite honestly, grocery delivery when needed. However, I still struggle periodically with how exactly I complete my electronic orders…3 bananas or 3 bunches….

Ah well! At least I am trying….

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