Great Places for Innovators…Rural America, Of Course!

Great Places for Innovators…Rural America, Of Course!

I opened up my emails this morning to a message from John Scott, the CEO/GM of Bulloch Telecom Coop down in Georgia regarding some national press that Bulloch received today so I quickly opened up the link to a story in Forbes entitled “Quit Your Job: 7 Places In The U.S. So Cheap You Can Afford To Be An Entrepreneur”.  The premise of the article from a millennial digital entrepreneur was the hunt that she and her fiancé went through to find an affordable place to live somewhere in the country and still work in the tech arena after making the decision to leave big city living behind.  Weather, traffic, cost of living were all key but obviously high up that list was the ability to access technology and fast internet access made its way to the top of the list.

While the author and her husband made their decision to land in Lake of the Ozarks (who knew that paddleboarding and wine tasting combined was actually a thing…sounds a little dangerous to me!), on their list of considerations was also Statesboro, Georgia where she noted that the town was charming, there is an annual Thriller dance video recreated, beaches are just an hour away, fabulous farmer markets AND gigabit fiber from Bulloch Co-op!   It was fun to see the recognition NTCA members are finally getting for stepping up and providing future-proofed internet access to their communities and to see how important that draw is for future town-dwellers.

As I shared the article with our team, someone with eagle eyes also noted that one of the other 7 places named in the article, Sparta, North Carolina was highlighted as a town surrounded by mountains and as the author noted “I mean, how many mountain towns are there with gigabit fiber optic internet and a lower cost of living?”  Well, check out NTCA member service territories because the town of Sparta is served by SkyBest from Skyline Telecom, another leading NTCA member.

The article was great fun to read and reminded me that rural America really can have the best of all traits for everyone.

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