Happy 100th Birthday GTA

Happy 100th Birthday GTA

It’s not every day that a state association turns 100 years old – so given my usual tact and appreciation for protocol – I invited myself to the Georgia Telecom Association’s 100th anniversary celebration!  There was a terrific turnout for the meeting, hosted by GTA President John Scott, CEO of Bullock Telephone Cooperative and Adam Wise, the Executive Director for GTA, with representatives from 22 Georgia companies present and accounted for.

Think about 100 years in the context of the telecommunications industry….

141 years ago, the first transcontinental phone call was made

99 years ago, video telephony was developed (but couldn’t work until broadband came along!)

90 years ago – the mechanical tv was invented

57 years ago – the first commercial satellite was launched

55 years ago saw the advent of fiber optics

36 years ago is listed as the birth of this little thing called the Internet

16 years ago saw the development of VoIP telephony

Time flies when you’re having fun and innovating!

It was a treat to honor the companies of GTA and to share the observation that they have gone from providing needed voice service to their neighbors and local communities to wireless services, fiber optic deployment, video products and gig capable Internet access.

We even have two Smart Rural Community Showcase winners in Georgia – Pineland Telephone and ComSouth (now Hargray) and two of our Gig-certified communities in Pembroke and Pineland.

As the Georgia companies talked about their mottos and history – I was struck by their focus customer service, speed and connecting their consumers to the world.  Clearly, they have another 100 years plus of robust history ahead.

And I was delighted to have a nice travel day back to our nation’s Capitol!

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