Holidays are about Families…

Holidays are about Families…

It feels a bit like we have hurtled into this holiday season.  Getting caught up in the search for the perfect presents, for stocking stuffers and for ways to celebrate the holiday season has occupied the past few weeks.  And then there is the arrival of the family – via plane and  other mechanisms of bringing families under one roof. And then it happens – everyone is together, my idea of nirvana.

Our family is a mix of cultures and experiences.  One of my favorites might have been buying Kelsey a Christmas tree as one of her Channukah presents this year.  That might give some insight into our ability to embrace cultures  – both Jewish and Christian. Isn’t that the true America way?  Now if only I could figure out how to not buy twice as many presents given the celebration of each holiday.  I make this vow every year and every year seems to find a pile either by the menorah or under the Christmas tree.

For Christmas, my two daughters – Leah and Kelsey – made their way home for two days. This one the heels of a quick trip to Michigan to help my folks prepare for their move to a senior community in early January.  Progress made on the latter and sheer joy for me on the former…..


Dinner and time to spend together (watching out traditional It’s a Wonderful Life) were the ultimate treat and I never, ever take for granted the time with those who I love most. I will miss the chaos that will ensure for all after the next few hours of respite sink in.

My hope is that everyone – regardless of your faith and beliefs and spirit of love – enjoy the time that they have with those who are most important to them.

Tomorrow will bring departures and promises to meet up again soon…until then, my warmest wishes for a happy holiday season for all and the grandest expectations for the new year!




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