Honoring Those Who Serve

Honoring Those Who Serve

NTCA and our team have been doing a fair amount of work with the Veteran’s Administration over the course of the past several years, recognizing that there is a role that communications services can play in supporting those who have supported our liberty and freedom with their service. Additionally, while the actual statistics vary, it is a known fact that rural Americans are serving at a disproportionate rate in our military and are an integral part of that culture of service.

Josh Seidemann, our VP of Policy here at NTCA has taken the lead with the VA and has been doing some wonderful work on promoting our Virtual Living Room efforts and partnership with CoBank and others in finding ways to use broadband technology to make medical care just a little bit easier for those who have serve. As with everything he does, Josh really has put his heart into this effort so it was no surprise to see that Josh had an even more vested interest in ensuring our military veterans get the service and recognition they deserve when I saw that the VA’s newsletter, VAntage Point (not to be confused with Larry Thompson and his terrific team) has a daily blog where they profile a former member of our military and one of their recent profiles was on Josh’s father, Max Seidemann. Working with various online VA resources opened Josh’s eyes to a way to pay tribute to his father – who sounds like he was an amazing man – and we were all delighted to see him honored in print last week.

Max Seidemann, we appreciated your service and also greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with your son, who clearly learned his spirit of service from his father.

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  1. A salute to both Seidemanns for their amazing commitment to this country. It is an inspiring message for all of us to attempt to follow. Thank you!

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