How to Celebrate After a Big Week?

How to Celebrate After a Big Week?

The NTCA team knows how to work hard as well as play hard…and that hit home after a busy, successful, and exhausting week at the FCC, Capitol Hill, and USDA as our team worked nonstop on behalf of our rural broadband providers and their consumers.

Take for example the “press release” and gift from his team to our own Sr. VP Mike Romano, who led much of our policy efforts and continues to be the smartest person I know (complete with a sense of humor, thankfully!).

Press Release:

NTCA Applauds Romano’s New Reforms Promoting Further Efficiency in Soda Habits

Arlington, Va. (December 14, 2018)—NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association issued the following statement from the Government Affairs and Legal and Industry Departments after it was announced that Michael Romano, Sr. Vice President of Industry Affairs and Business Development, will be maximizing his own dollars by purchasing soda pop in bulk.

Romano, a lover and possible addict of the popular drink, Diet Coke, has spent most of his life wasting Romano Family dollars by purchasing this nectar of the Gods on a one-off basis. In what is assumed to be one purchase of the cola every day – oftentimes out of the antique 1974 vending machine in the NTCA Kitchen – Mr. Romano has quite likely spent thousands of dollars over his career. This wasteful and inefficient use of scarce resources begs the need for reform. The pernicious periodic purchase of pop must stop. Today, we close a dangerous loophole and at once increase economic efficiencies and administrative convenience.

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association strongly advocates for targeting soda dollars where they’re needed most, and therefore, strongly opposes this practice. To this end, Romano’s insubordinate employees have taken matters into their own hands by purchasing the Coke drinker a 6-month supply of the product.

And for those of you who are familiar with NTCA’s building blocks strategy, I left these for Mike to play with…oops, I meant to plot our next course post-USF order….

One of the things I truly love about our talented team? No one takes themselves too seriously!

Happy Holidays from all of us to you.

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