I Can Think of Worse Things….

I Can Think of Worse Things….

With each generation, it’s impossible not to ponder the traits and values passed down from our parents (love my dad around the world but I’m delighted I got his loud laugh instead of his big ears!) and then to explore which traits we have passed along to our children (with hopes that they are the ones we like ourselves instead of sharing those traits that are more annoying…and I have a few!).

Well, in our family, we certainly share a mix with our daughters. I like to think that they have taken the traits I value and really done one better on their folks! In addition, when I see their love of travel, of new experiences and people, and their ability to be empathetic, I see that some things are indeed worth passing along.

Nothing brings that closer to home than watching my girls set their lives up, away from us as both Leah and Kelsey have. We’ve gone from ensuring they first have a couch, a bed and kitchenware to now the addition of a fur face to their living quarters!

Don and I had a dog long before we had children and our kids grew up rolling around the floor with a pup and using a saintly golden to learn to stand and toddle. Never a need for a vacuum cleaner under the kitchen eating area with a pup around and always a healthy appreciation for the need to get up and walk the dog even before a nice morning cup of coffee and prior to calling it a day late in the evening. Unconditional love? You bet!

The pups at the top of this post? One of them will be Leah’s in Chicago in another month or so…her single life in the middle of the city will go through more disruptions and cost more in vet and doggy day care expenses than she will even know…but it will be hard to come home at the end of the day and not have a smile on her face seeing that wagging tail greeting her. Working on corporate closings at midnight with a pup at her feet, while on her laptop, will add an entirely new dimension to her life.

Kelsey is still getting her feet on the ground and figuring out how much future travel she will have, so for now, contents herself with ensuring we are all up to date on the cutest pup stories, pictures and videos on the internet….

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