It’s All About Making Time For One Last Trip to DC in 2019

It’s All About Making Time For One Last Trip to DC in 2019

Ok, all of my frequent flier program friends. It’s that time of the year when I know what you’re doing…you’re checking your club status and thinking about what adding one more trip to the end of the year will do to move the needle for you getting a “possible” upgrade on your favorite airline sometime in 2020 (and if you’re like me, those upgrades are typically my tiny short flights like DCA to Nashville). Nonetheless, an upgrade is an upgrade and I’ve got one more trip to add to your books.

Make your plans now to come and join your NTCA friends for our every non-election year Telecom Executive Policy Summit, or TEPS as we fondly call it. This executive opportunity to come to our nation’s capital and listen to some pretty impressive and thought provoking speakers and meet with policymakers who are looking for a break from political speak out here in DC and anxious to hear more from rural broadband providers. Our dates for the 2019 meeting are November 18/19th and we’ll be joined by FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel who will share her perspective on all things FCC. Given that all things cyber are so timely and top of mind, we’ll also have Director Krebs joining us. Krebs is the Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and is right on the front line of efforts to protect network providers like NTCA members. I am really interested in hearing what he has to say and looking forward to being able to do an exchange with him. I’ll bet he has a lot of topics that keep him up at night. Kim Hart, one of my favorite writers at Axios, and the brains behind their new Axios Cities read is also going to share with us her perspective from the media on policy, reporting, what parts of the country are getting attention and how we might find ways to focus on what is happening in rural America from a national media viewpoint.

The timing of this meeting is ideal this year (which sometimes is pretty much just dumb luck!) given all that is on the table now regarding mapping, performance testing, CBRS and spectrum auctions, video rules, the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund and the list goes on. And maybe even a discussion on the recently released recommendation from the state members of the Federal-State Jt Board on Universal Service?

Really hoping that folks will be coming out to join the conversation because there is no better way to end the year than on topics of concern to NTCA members…and then start that conversation wheel right back up again in 2020.

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