It’s Time to Think About Employee Health

It’s Time to Think About Employee Health

Certainly not the sexiest topic but one of the most important in the workplace is ensuring that our employees have adequate health care coverage.  Not to be overly maternal but it is a service and a benefit that I think employers have an obligation to provide if they are capable and conversely, employees should appreciate how much of an employer’s time and resources are devoted to the benefit side of the financial ledger for a company. 

So, it is that time of year again as we, in the benefit arena, gear up again for Open Enrollment season.  Plans and choices are complicated and NTCA does its best to take as much of the confusion out of the process as possible.  Even more of these processes will become easier with the implementation of our service portals.  But let’s start with the basics.

Our terrific SMC folks recently sent out a brochure to our NTCA member participants detailing out some key “need to know” items as we head into 2020 selections.  First, that our hard working GHP Trustees have made some changes and enhancements to the program for the coming year including expanded Centers of Excellence Coverage.  A center of excellence is a hospital that offers a high level of expertise and care in specialized areas of medicine such as organ transplant procedures.  GHP medical coverage is expanding to provide reimbursement of travel expenses with a lifetime maximum for transplant surgeries performed at a Center of Excellence.  What a terrific benefit for a family already going through a tough emotional (and financial) procedure.  One more way to give participants some peace of mind.

GHP is also adding SaveonSP, a specialty pharmacy co-pay assistance program.  This program is available to participants enrolled in a GHP PPO or Advantage medical plan and are prescribed certain specialty drugs that are used to treat complex medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, cancer, HIV etc.  One doesn’t need to turn on the television to see a political ad to know that these medications are terribly expensive.  Again, another way to alleviate some pressure for our participants and their families. 

How to register for Teladoc (it’s super easy, I promise!) and how to earn rewards from GHP Wellness Connections are all detailed in this latest mailing.  Don’t do what you (or I should say, I) typically do with brochures in the mail where I slide them from the kitchen counter into the garbage can.  Read this one.  I promise that you’ll pick up a few handy tips before you start making your enrollment decisions and that makes it time well spent.

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