Keeping It All In The Family

Keeping It All In The Family

Spring is (finally) in the air and at our Arlington, Virginia headquarters, we continue to live through being in the middle of construction zone central.  We were brutally reminded of the ensuing chaos over the past 72 hours while our power to the building was off with a blown out transformer.  Nothing makes you realize how dependent your operation is on electricity until you have none!

So I tried to spend some time this weekend thinking about happier things….like the three pups we now have in our family.  Who knew when we got our first golden now more than 30 years ago, that we would be on our third and joined by dogs for Leah and Kelsey as well?  This might be as close as I get in a long time to watching my daughters deal with “motherhood” so I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Everyone’s personality comes out a little bit on how they deal with their pups.  Leah crate trained Sawyer in what felt like record time  – no messing around there!  Kelsey made it through the first night before Luna convinced her that she was not a crate kind of dog.  I think I lasted an hour with Cassie, lying on the floor next to the crate while she went crazy enough inside to knock it over.  We were quickly done with that training adventure!

Thankfully, Kelsey’s apartment is small enough that her now 8 week old pup seems to be managing well and Kelsey has adjusted her routine to head into work at 6 am the next few weeks – a better woman that I am for sure! I “rescued” Luna on Friday afternoon with hopes of giving Kelsey a break and socializing her around the office ie.  giving the NTCA team some snuggles with a puppy, but alas, our power failure prevented that taking place as well.

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