Midwestern Nice

Midwestern Nice

My daughter Kelsey finished her first year of graduate school finals – nuclear weapon strategy and a lot of Milk Duds and Tootsie pops (and coffee) fueling her end to this busy spring semester. Given her break of a few days before she heads off to intern at an entity that coordinates complex military operations (casual, right?), she decided to come with me on a trip I had to the Wisconsin Telecom Association that ended up becoming more of a midwestern tour.

Given the proximity of Wisconsin to where my folks reside in Michigan, I again took advantage of the midwestern trip to fly to Michigan, see the folks and check in on them and then take the high speed ferry on to Wisconsin. Planes, Ferries and Automobiles….likely the plot for a new movie! Kelsey and I really enjoyed spending some time with my parents. My mother is like the cat with 9 lives and has bounced back from a critical health incident last year pretty marvelously. While they are continuing to age in place, I continue to push some of the uncomfortable but important topics particularly since they are wed to staying in their large lake home with a limited support network. More work to follow as we look at other options in an area with more services and other possible options that are palatable to both of them. (Both is the operative word here, I have discovered.)

While Kelsey may have traveled to 31 countries to date, she has never made her way to the “country” of Wisconsin so I was delighted that she was game to continue the journey over with me. While she may not have been as impressed with the ferry as I am (every time), she was a great travel buddy and I loved introducing her to our wonderful rural broadband providers in Wisconsin and appreciated the gracious welcome that our Wisconsin folks gave her. She reciprocated by demonstrating a love of cheese, cheese heads and original Wisconsin cow pies. The gift shop at the Milwaukee airport kept her entertained prior to take off.

My favorite part may have been when she turned to me after the rental car attendant thanking us, the terminal team all wishing us a good flight and happy day and noted that she was stunned by the sincere show of kindness…and that it made her as little nervous. Certainly a change from some of our accustomed east coast behaviors.

We then parted ways as she headed home and I am winging my way to Iowa. The suuitcase is taking a toll this week!

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