More Than One Day A Year

More Than One Day A Year

One minute she was a young, ex-Olympian escapee from East Germany, and the next she is dancing with a young American ROTC officer from MIT and the conclusion is that she left her own mother and family and came to this country, without much English in her repertoire and was soon a mother…mine.

I can’t imagine what a huge leap each of those moves were for my mother but she was a brave young woman to make them.  My folks are still happily married (with a little yapping at each other as part of the game!) but it was nice to be able to share my love and appreciation with my mother – even long distance – again this year.  This holiday certainly does take on a whole new perspective as a mother myself.

I am pretty certain that I have recollections of my asking my parents why there wasn’t actually a “kids day” and their predictable answer was that every day was “kids day”….with 28 years of parenting experience under my belt now, I know what they mean.

A happy day of sharing love with those you love is always worth celebrating.


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