Much Accomplished in the Mountain Air

Much Accomplished in the Mountain Air

Nothing like a good (or even ok) cup of coffee after 3 days of leadership meetings on behalf of the association out in Utah this week!

The Summer Business Conference for the association is always jam-packed with NTCA strategic thinking and board meetings, our GHP Trustees gathering, the FRS board coming together for committee and board meetings and the SMC board of directors doing one of their face-to-face meetings as well.  A lot of association leadership in one place and a lot of  constructive work done in a relatively short amount of time.

Getting up into the higher elevation has a way of clearing the mind and creating the space to think about the future of the industry and association – and there is certainly a great deal to be thinking about these days.  NTCA’s board leadership put a day aside to really think through what the strengths and opportunities are/for the association and going through the exercise of thinking about what an association can do with a commitment membership base and talented staff – sky is the limit! We also covered a great deal of business as needed – our annual audit meeting, financial review, approving GHP and R&S spec changes and hearing reports from entities like FRS, as illustrated by my cover photo above!  This was the first FRS board meeting for our new FRS Executive Director, Pam Becker, and by all accounts, she is well on her way to a successful run taking the reigns of leadership for the foundation and setting the stage for years to come.

The GHP Trustees took the opportunity to compare notes, handle appeals, review their asset allocation and start getting ready for the critical August meeting where rates for 2020 will be set.  NTCA Chairman, Kevin Beyer, sat in on the meeting to share his appreciation for all of the hard, monthly work that these trustees do on behalf of the membership.  GHP chairman, Toney Prather was also recognized for his 40 years in the NTCA family and 28 years as a GHP trustee…that’s a lot of changes that Toney has seen through the health care provision of NTCA member employees and we’re lucky to have him!


The SMC board, that has oversight of our benefits operation, wrapped up the meetings with their review of technology implementation with our new member portal ready to roll out to participants in the near future and got an in-depth look at the rebranding and revamping of our benefit educational programs – Retirement Readiness and a new series of financial building block programming geared to educate the telco employee at every stage of their financial life.

Whew!  A lot to absorb and I spent the plane ride back reviewing my notes with hopes that I was able to capture the sense of innovation and member service that our volunteer leaders displayed over the course of the last few days….and it didn’t hurt to take a few breaks and see some snow covered peaks outside the window.

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