NTCA Saves Week!

NTCA Saves Week!

Welcome to NTCA Saves Week 2019! NTCA Saves Week corresponds with America Saves Week this year. America Saves Week is an annual event that seeks to motivate, encourage, and support U.S. households to save money, reduce debt and build wealth. The theme for NTCA Saves Week this year is Spring Cleaning. Spring will be here before we know it, and it’s the perfect time to get both your home and your finances in order. While I will spare readers the daily tips, I love that our team makes the effort to remind our own staff of the power of planning for the future and ability to control their own financial destiny! Each day this week, our team will send messages to our staff with important information about their NTCA retirement benefits and some tips to get an early start on spring cleaning your finances. When a trade association looks at its bottom line, the highest budget item is typically salary and benefits. Here at NTCA, we have the luxury of excellent benefits given that we run our own programs thanks to the leadership of a member-run Trust, but what is the point if folks don’t really understand the value of what they are receiving?

More to follow, but I am going to start with our first focus which is on our Savings Plan offering. Very appropriate as I sit in Reagan National Airport ready to board a plane across the country to our own Retirement and Savings Trustee meeting this week.

Get Familiar and Start Saving Smarter with Fidelity NetBenefits®

Fidelity NetBenefits is more than just a place to check your account balance. It’s your around-the-clock online access to your NTCA Savings Plan account. “How much money have I saved?” “Will I have enough for retirement?” “Where can I go for help?” These questions plus many more about your NTCA Savings Plan can be answered at NetBenefits.

If you haven’t already used NetBenefits, it’s time to get started. Simply go to www.netbenefits.com/ntca and click “Register Now.” Follow the instructions to set up your user name and password. After that, you can log in virtually any time (24/7) to access your account and take advantage of the many features to help you see where you are going today, and get steps to help you reach your retirement savings milestones. From your NetBenefits home page, you can easily change your investment fund elections, view your account balance, and get educational resources to help you save throughout your career and into retirement.

Fidelity is just one of our many partners as we work to help our members and staff have fruitful retirements, and I always welcome their presentation to our Trustees…now on to that airplane!


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