NTCA’s PR Activities and Other Future Ponderings

NTCA’s PR Activities and Other Future Ponderings


Our team was truly pumped up after their return from our recent NTCA PR and Marketing Conference held in Nashville….nothing like nearly 300 PR/marketing folks in the room to get the energy level up!  One of the most exciting takeaways from this year’s meeting is that next year the meeting will be slightly transformed into NTCA’s Marketing and Sales Conference…fitting the needs for the times for sure!

But I thought it was worth sharing a few of the meeting highlights including the release of our Futures Group Report that can be downloaded through the link below.  What



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Make the Most of Your Takeaways

We hope you had a great time in Nashville, TN, at the PR & Marketing Conference. Now that you’re back in the office, make the most of your conference takeaways.



    • Congratulate the 2018 TeleChoice Awards winners.
    • Download the Report of the NTCA Futures Task Force.




Help Tell the Story of Our Industry


Run the new NTCA industry commercial on your local TV channel. Download the 60-second spot and let us know when it will be airing in your community.




For co-branding opportunities, please contact NTCA Communications Director Laura Withers.

We look forward to your continued education and success at future NTCA events and webinars. Save the date for the 2019 Marketing & Sales Conference, April 23-25, in New Orleans, LA.







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