Officially SXSW Cool?

Officially SXSW Cool?

Ok, maybe I still have yet to become a charter member of the “cool kids” club, but I did score an invitation to speak on a panel at SXSW in Austin in March.  That is at least a baby step into coolness, right?

I was really excited to have Chris Woods, Executive Director of the LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute reach out to ask me to be on a panel that he would be moderating at this international platform for technology and innovation, along with FCC Commissioner Carr and Nicol Turner-Lee, a fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation Governance Studies.  Our panel “Worlds Apart: Bridging Rural and Urban Divides” will be on the opening day of the multi-day conference and I think will be a great platform to highlight the challenges of building and sustaining broadband networks in low-density, rural communities and the timing, with the Administration looking to release their infrastructure proposal soon, will be well timed.

Of course, I was feeling pretty excited about our #BridgingDigital adventure until I had a chance to glance at what our Friday, 2pm competition is….

How Bioengineering Fashion Can Change the World

Am I Allowed to Like Anything?

Creative Failures Meet Up

Women With Side Hustles (think anyone will notice if I sneak off to listen to just a little bit of that one??)

Designing Cashless Cities

WTFFF??? 3D Printing

And the list goes on….with some titles requiring to much editing to make them PG but virtually all of them are pretty compelling.

While this trip will be a short one (so I will miss all of the cool music acts that make their way to SXSW, sadly), it will be my second trip to Austin this year after RTIME….and what a great city Austin is.

A few fun facts about Austin:

– The World Economic Forum ranks Austin as the #1 city for tech…in the world!

– Expedia ranks Austin as the #1 super cool US city to visit (and those are not even my overly enthusiastic words!)

And, Travelocity ranks Austin on their list of “Ten US Cities Foreign Travelers Should Not Miss”

So pack your boots and plan to join us at RTIME!

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  1. Congrats Shirley! You’ve always been one of the cool kids on our view. One of the interesting facts that you missed about Austin: If you plan to travel through Austin on IH 35, you may want to submit a change of address form with your local post office. 🙂

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