One of the Real Good Guys

One of the Real Good Guys

It’s easy to be cynical about Washington and that cynicism goes back to the start of our union. However, the addition of a 24-hour news cycle along with the rapid rise of social media has made it harder and harder to avoid the partisan squabbles and chants of “drain the swamp.” (I’ve always wondered if trade associations are considered part of the swamp but since I represent the “good guys,” I’ve tried not to think about this too hard!)

But it truly warmed my heart to receive a note today from one of our Kansas members bragging on Sen. Jerry Moran from their great state who showed great class when he responded to the member’s son who invited the good Senator to his high school graduation by sending a lovely handwritten note to the new graduate and compliments to the parents for raising a fine son.

I would certainly say that Sen. Moran’s parents also deserve a great deal of credit for raising someone who not only has risen to a national leadership position after a successful legal career but is also just a decent person. I recently ran into the Senator and his wife in the Nashville airport and while we were both out of our element, they both couldn’t have been more gracious as we chatted about rural broadband and how to overcome the buildout hurdles while standing outside a bustling Starbucks. He has time and attention for all and I continue to be impressed with his thoughtful demeanor even at a time when there is so much noise surrounding all public policy these days.


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