Our Electronic Reality Requires Broadband

Our Electronic Reality Requires Broadband

I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with an NPR reporter who has really developed a strong interest in rural broadband deployment and the challenges and opportunities associated with ensuring that more Americans achieve connectivity. When she and I were catching up we talked about network and home capacity also being an issue that needs to be taken into consideration when we talk about what is “good enough” for rural Americans.

As I noted in the discussion, the need for speed and bandwidth will only continue to grow as we have more devices that need to be connected. I am sure that most Americans are in the same position our family is in post-holiday adventures (and this is from a woman whose two children are grown and have their own places so my big burst of requirements are usually held to holidays). But that doesn’t mean that I can’t require my only extreme level of connectivity. Sleep does not always come easily to me, especially during nights away in hotels, so Don gifted me Bose electronic Sleepbuds. According to the box, these magic devices will provide soothing sounds that mask unwanted noise, complete with an app that can be controlled by my phone. Wonder what that means? Can I change the noises in my ear with a touch of the button in my sleep? Magical and frightening at the same time! Not to mention Max, the iRobot vacuum cleaner gift from Kelsey that has given me endless joy in running around the house and after the dog…and sucking up dog hair as it goes…and can also be run off my phone while I am at work since it runs off my wifi network at home.

For Don, I have pondered a gift for him all year since he (like most men) is nearly impossible to buy a satisfactory gift for. However, with his diabetes diagnosis a few years ago, he has been really focused on health and fitness so I got him the ultimate fitness gift. It’s called the Mirror. And, it is a mirror that allows you to take live and archived fitness classes with a selection tailored to your level and interest including cardio, yoga, strength, boxing…and those are only the ones I have discovered so far. Wild! I think the possibilities are nearly endless with this exercise device but I will say that I kept my fingers and toes crossed as I bumped through the connection process with hopes that my wifi connection was strong enough to reach the basement and the usual relief when your new “device” is actually found by your network. Good thing I upped our internet plan last year!

Now here’s to ensuring that we keep up with whatever New Year’s resolutions we set with hopes that they won’t require more bandwidth!



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