Regional in Lincolnshire with Gig Services Top of Mind

Regional in Lincolnshire with Gig Services Top of Mind


Here we are in Lincolnshire, Ill., just outside of Chicago, for our “hump” meeting Regional Conference (in clearer terms, it’s our third out of five Regionals this summer). The Midwestern meeting is always one of my favorites, with this entire group of attendees so ready to engage. While I am not quite at the stage of being able to repeat some of the presentations by heart, I thoroughly enjoyed our session where those who have received NTCA’s gig certification shared how they use that marketing distinction.

Today’s session featured folks from Columbus Telecom dba Optic Communcations in Kansas and the team from NineStar in Indiana. It was great fun to see the marketing collateral that they have put together celebrating their speeds and service. While both providers actually face “gig competition” in their marketplaces, Nick Saporito, the marketing manager from Optic, noted quite wisely that “all gigs are not created equal.”

With the emphasis on a differentiation strategy, Optic and NineStar have done really fun things as they celebrate their technological and customer service achievements. I loved the video clip from one of the NineStar electric customers (they are a merged utility cooperative, with water and sewer to be added soon), as she reveled in the deployment of fiber to her farm and the revelation of what these advanced services now meant for her family.

Since its NTCA gig certification, NineStar has more than doubled the number of its gig customers. It’s a real story of success for both of these companies, and further support for why a national designation can tell both a local as well as a national story.

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