Small Business Administration Delves into Regulatory Obstacles

Small Business Administration Delves into Regulatory Obstacles

On a plane, trying out a new airline wifi system (competition on the ground AND in the air seems to be the order of the day).  As I was flipping through my emails, my eye was caught by a notice from the Small Business Administration (SBA) that they are looking to hear from individual small businesses on the regulatory barriers that are impacting their business.

In the broadband space, the FCC took a credible crack at this with their BDAC efforts and there were a number of practical suggestions regarding rights of way, crossing federal lands, easing burdens in general and limiting some of the different agency hoops that providers have to go through to deploy broadband.  A productive effort all in all.  While the SBA approach is broader and it applies to all small businesses, it will be equally interesting to see if there are some initiatives that come from feedback the agency gets – particularly from rural businesses and broadband providers.

Per their update sent out today, SBA is looking to host some roundtable discussions to see what topics can be highlighted to ensure that rural issues in particular are heard and even have made it easy for those who prefer to participate by paper to fill our feedback….

From SBA:

We have created a form for small businesses to let us know about the federal regulations that are burdensome to them. Please feel free to fill that form out here and distribute to small businesses who may be interested. It will help us shape our future regional regulatory roundtables.


I would encourage NTCA members who have something to share (railroad crossings?!!) do so.  Never really sure what moves a policy needle but I am somewhat of a fan of talking early, often and incessantly about what the real challenges and obstacles are as policymakers continue to ponder managing the rural/rural divide.

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