Starting the New Year with a Full Tank

Starting the New Year with a Full Tank

2018 felt crazy-busy.

Maybe everything in our lives is accelerated thanks to the zero downtime lifestyle many of us have adopted with 24/7 access to information as well as one another.

In the spirit of starting the new year on the right note, Don and I went to a farmhouse inn in Virginia near lovely Afton Mountain for a few days. It was actually a retreat that I signed us up for months ago as one of Don’s birthday presents earlier this year because who doesn’t find the idea of a vineyard, hiking and yoga retreat to be a great one? (Ok, maybe not me so much on the yoga front, but I further proved that by being the only person I know who actually got injured doing yoga…yup, as I sit here with the heating pad on my shoulder strain. I knew it wasn’t healthy for me!)

In all seriousness, it was the perfect opportunity to be out of D.C. and to reflect a little bit on where we would like to go in the year ahead with our careers, work and travel plans, juggling family obligations, and generally just thinking about ways to take better care of ourselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Don is quite the yoga fan and I am quite the fan of vineyards so we made a perfect pair for this retreat that included a hike up part of the Appalachian Trail—which was tough to access with parts of Skyline Drive closed due to the government shutdown—but lovely and desolate, particularly given that most of the hike was done in a cold rain. I chose to forgo eating lunch during the hike in favor of powering through to get back to a warm vehicle sooner!

It was interesting to see the impact of the government shutdown affecting the outer parts of D.C. As I noted, access to parts of the trail were closed, garbage was not picked up in the park and the winery had delays on some FDA approvals. I exchanged emails with FCC staff as they shut their doors regarding the impact the government closing might have on Chairman Pai coming to RTIME early next month and some on-the-ground meetings that the Chairman and top USDA officials had to cancel with NTCA members at the end of last week. My fingers are crossed that calm heads will prevail, and we’ll see progress in the next few days to come…and allow the government to also get off to the right start for the year ahead.

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