The Bucket List

The Bucket List

Last year, my husband Don turned 60. We had a celebration to end all celebrations because…why not? Given the size of the celebration—including a surprise party with friends across the country flying in—I knew that my gift would also have to match the occasion. But what to give a man who values experiences more than material things? Who actually counts time together as quality time? Who is a tad more “adventure-driven” than I am? Something off of his bucket list, of course!

And at the top of his list was a return-trip to Africa, but this time, to follow the Great Migration across the Serengeti. Africa’s Great Migration is the annual journey of 2 million wildebeest from the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania to the grasslands of the Masai Mara in Kenya. Somehow, pure instinct and the smell of rain drives the herds from their place of birth to the fertile lands to feed. So, it’s not hard to guess what his gift ended up being…a journey through Kenya and Tanzania to follow the animals (and all the other critters) along. It took a year to plan the trip so we’re packing the bags (and I do mean the tiny duffle bag small enough to fit into a tiny airplane…sigh) and off we will go shortly.

We’re both excited to head over to two new countries and have double and triple-checked to ensure we have the right chargers, the right data plans to check-in if we have Wi-Fi, and our yellow fever vaccine cards…and the anti-malaria pill regime was started yesterday. Check, check and check.

However, I will share that as we were at the doctor’s office getting our tray of shots (and I do mean that we each had a tray full!), Don was staring at the world map on the wall, pointed to Antarctica and noted that would be our next trip. I quickly shared that it would indeed not be, since I needed a relaxing vacation somewhere in between! (And adventure would just need to lie with Cassie putting on her new Halloween lion costume from Kelsey).

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