The Foundation for Rural Service Gives Back

The Foundation for Rural Service Gives Back

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate an anniversary than to give back, and that is exactly what the Foundation for Rural Service did today in selecting their 2019 FRS grant recipients. A record 26 companies were selected with $100,000 in grant support going to rural communities across the country. Now that’s what I call an anniversary present!

The Foundation for Rural Service does a number of key programs and runs some amazing educational opportunities – but I love the way the grants they award really make a difference in the lives of the communities served by NTCA rural broadband members. It was fun to scroll through the list and see projects ranging from job training those unemployed to connectivity for volunteer firefighters to equipment to help students with test preparation. As a matter of fact, the grants were too cool for me to not simply share…so I will!

Butte County Airport Commission (Idaho)

Award $4,000 to purchase and install an autonomous weather station at the Arco Airport. This simple yet powerful tool will enable pilots to receive vital information such as wind direction, wind speed, visibility, barometric pressure and even runway conditions (such as ice or snow) when requesting to land their aircraft.  Additionally, an automated weather station can become a public resource for the community as it shares weather information online. Sponsored by Albion Telephone Company, Inc.

East 52 Volunteer Fire Department (Celina, TN)

Award $550 to equip the volunteer fire department with modern technology to display the video portion of the CPR, AED, and First Aid training that can then be used for first aid training in the community. Sponsored by Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation.

Ridgeway R-V School (Ridgeway, MO)

Award $5,000 to purchase 13 Chromebooks, Chromebook management consoles and 1 ELMO Document Camera. Chromebooks are shared throughout the Pre-K-12 school and are used for multiple programs, including dual enrollment classes at the local college. Sponsored by GRM Networks.

Canton Township Carnegie Library (Canton, KS)

Award $ 5,000.00 to update the almost 100-year old public library meeting space with AV and modern technology including large flat-panel screen video reception and presentation capabilities for all media sources for community groups.Sponsored by Home Telephone Company.

Virginia Memorial Public Library (Virginia, IL)

Award $1,800 to purchase large touch screen desktop computers and tablets for the public library, enabling the facility to provide internet access for families, adults or children who do not have broadband services at home. Sponsored by Cass Communications, Inc.

Clayton Public Library District (Clayton, IL)

Award $5,000 to create and implement a “Read with Me” program, and purchase of computers, printers and tablets. Program will be for K-3rd grade students who need additional assistance. Sponsored by Adams Telephone Co-Operative.

Clay County ThreeStar Program (Celina, TN)

Award $5,000 to help fund telephone and internet service that will be used for training of under-employed and unemployed citizens that will give them the skills to obtain a job in the call center industry as part of the Threestar Program. Sponsored by Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation.

Heartland Farm (Pawnee Rock, KS)

Award $1,000 to purchase one permanent and one portable Whiteboard/projection screens with interactive capabilities and accessories to utilize their broadband capability in their meeting facilities for educational projects. Sponsored by Golden Belt Telephone Association, Inc.

Colton Rural Fire Protection District #70 (Colton, OR)

Award $4,908.40 to provide secure network infrastructure and reliable wireless network connectivity to the indoor and outdoor training areas, administrative area, living quarters, and public meeting area of the volunteer fire station.  Sponsored by COLTONTEL.

Pine Haven Elementary (Jamestown, TN)

Award $5,000 to purchase Boxlight touch boards and materials for the creation of a STEM program and shared STEM learning space. Sponsored by Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation.

Decatur County Development Corporation (Leon, IA)

Award $4,960.98 to create an online infrastructure to help employers and residents connect to find quality jobs, internships, and apprenticeships. Sponsored by GRM Networks.

Gervais High School (Gervais, OR)

Award $3,144 to provide 12 new Chromebooks to be used by the high school’s construction technologies program within the Career Technical Education curriculum. The tablets will help promote student research and collaboration while developing a work place learning environment. Sponsored by Gervais Telephone Company. 

Wynona Public Schools (Caldwell, KS)

Award $5,000 to purchase Google Expeditions (an immersive education app that allows teachers and students to explore the world through over 1000 virtual-reality (VR) and 100 augmented-reality (AR) tours) to widen the horizon for students and community members. Sponsored by KanOkla Networks.

Dodson Branch School (Cookeville, TN)

Award $5,000 to purchase 21 Chromebooks will be used for guided learning activities and state test preparation for students.Sponsored by Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation.

Jordaan Memorial Library (Larned, KS

Award $5,000 to purchase 5 all-in-one computers for public use. Sponsored by Golden Belt Telephone Association, Inc.

Lyons Middle School (Lyons, KS)

Award $5,000 to purchase of IHT spirit system heart rate monitors to track student’s activity levels. The equipment will not only help students learn to stay active but can help educators see students reaching moderate levels of activity, which has shown a correlation to a decrease in behavioral problems throughout the school day and an increase in academic success.Sponsored by Mutual Telephone Co.

USD 322 (Onaga, KS)

Award $4,147 to implement FOSS modules into our 4th grade science curriculum to prepare students for the 5th grade State Science Assessments and Junior High where science concepts are explored in more detail and a solid science knowledge-base is essential for career and college readiness. Sponsored by Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc.

Wamego Public Library (Wamego, KS)

Award $5,000 to purchase new technology to use in programming for children, teens, and adults in our community. This would allow them to promote advancing the technology skills of community members within the library and through outreach programs and incorporate innovation into learning through programming for all ages enhanced by updated technology. Sponsored by Wamego Telephone Company, Inc.

Cannon County High School (Woodbury TN)

Award $2,738.70 to integrate Texas Instruments (TI) technology into lessons to conduct experiments and engage more students in STEM. Plan to use TI to teach basic coding skills which incorporates mathematics. Sponsored by DTC Communications.

Northwest State Community Foundation (Archbold, OH)

Award $5,000 to offer a new three-day Cyber Security & Telecommunications Summer Camp for high school students in Northwest Ohio that will instill cybersecurity awareness, spark interests and provide hands on technical skills that are valuable in everyday interactions with technologies. Sponsored by Farmers Mutual Telephone Company.

Springville Township Wexford County Michigan (Mesick, MI)

Award $5,000 to assist in the development of the new Springville Township Community Center and Library in renovating a vacated hardware building in the Village of Mesick, Michigan. The completed project will be the focal point of the community for educational, recreational, and other social activities. Sponsored by AcenTek.

Grand Marais Art Colony (Grand Marais, MN)

Award $5,000 to acquire an interactive smartboard, laptop and high-quality webcam, both of which pair with the smartboard. These products would then be used to expand educational opportunities focused on art through distance educations for all ages. Sponsored by Arrowhead Electric Cooperative.

Alexandria Senior Center (Alexandria, TN)

Award $4,000 to offer beginner technology classes and allow members the experience and guidance needed to gain information and access to various programs and services available online. The addition of technological equipment will afford a broad range of operating system experience, as well as multiple users to access the internet at the Center. Sponsored by DTC Communications.

City of Larned EMS (Larned, KS)

Award $4,823 to purchase a video laryngoscope for the city’s EMS professionals, providing improved emergency services and enhancing the quality of life in their rural area. Sponsored by Golden Belt Telephone Association, Inc.

Unified School District 444 (Little River, KS)

Award $5,000 to purchase of robotic starter kits for a growing robotics program. Sponsored by Mutual Telephone Co.

Glenwood Telephone Company (Alamo, GA)

Award $5,000 to begin an aquaponics STEM initiative which will add an aquaponics system and educational curriculum to Wheeler County Schools. The Aquaponics system would serve as a creative teaching tool and bring core STEM subjects like biology, chemistry, and agriculture to life for their students by adding excitement, exploration, and hands-on discovery.Sponsored by Glenwood Telephone Company.

Amazing companies making a difference in the lives of their neighbors and customers. Congratulations FRS!

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