The Learning is Never Done on the Cyber Front

The Learning is Never Done on the Cyber Front

In the “old” days (or at least in the movies), you could see the bad guys and knew that you should never get into a lightsaber fight with Darth Vader or never go into a dark basement in a haunted house.  Easy, right?

These days, it’s so much more difficult to know who the bad guys are and where they are lurking.  I think, quite frankly, most of them have gotten lazy and are now just hanging out in cyberspace waiting for human frailty to open a crack and let them into networks to “play” and capture big rewards.

I was just reading recently that cyberattacks are now costing small companies about $200K on average.  Even more frightening were the statistics that 43 percent of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses but only 14 percent are prepared to defend themselves (per Accenture).  How prepared is your company?  I know that NTCA has learned a great deal about network security in the course of the past year and I am hoping that we can continue to provide a unqiue niche to our membership in the cyberspace as we continue to provide training and programming that is specifically geared to small networks and those who run them.  That is why we put so much time, energy and effort into our annual Cyber Summits every Fall.  This coming year’s program is top-notch with key topics and speakers that frankly every NTCA member should have at least one person from their team attending to bring back timely information to your company before Cyber month concludes.

Starting on October 27th in Salt Lake City, NTCA’s Cyber Summit will reinforce that as a rural broadband provider, one of the top priorities you have is to protect your network and your customers.  Even with a cyber plan in place, the best way to prepare is to never stop preparing.  From ethical hackers to security strategists to those who lead security efforts at our nation’s largest networks – there is so much to learn and often just as much from our peers as from the experts.

Given that more than half of all small businesses suffered a breach within the last year, you can’t over prepare or ever learn too much in this arena.  Plan to join us!

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