The Sounds of Summer….

The Sounds of Summer….

Summer is a time for family, catching your breath and finding venues – including those outside – to listen to music. I already have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to music and have found the years of Kelsey and I sharing an iTunes account instrumental in busting me out of my comfort zone…suddenly alternative music, country music and even limited hip-hop made it into my earbuds.

My husband Don and I continue to look for ways to spend quality time together and listening to live music is one of those ways. We recently went to one of the cool new venues in DC to listen to the Killers. I love the music and knew their new tunes by heart but sadly they decided to go retro and aside from my struggles to sing along in my head, my ability to stand for three hours and enjoy the experience is another “opportunity” that has gone by the wayside in recent years.

So, last weekend, laying out on a blanket under the stars and listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was my idea of an ideal evening at D.C.’s outdoor Wolf Trap Park. As a former bass player (yes, the huge double bass that was taller than me and quite the challenge to bring home for practice), this is my favorite symphony that I always listen to and I’m still awed that he was deaf when he composed it. I have always thought that was the reason there is so much bass and percussion in play because at least Beethoven could feel the music. Either way, I enjoyed just listening.

But on tap for the rest of the summer, I get to totally go back to my high school years with great glee as we’ll be heading out this coming week to go retro with a concert by my FAVORITE high school band, REO Speedwagon – the perfect Midwestern rock bank from the 70’s. This band from Illinois was truly the band of my high school years and I am looking forward to hearing them again after last hearing them live about 40 years ago (ouch)!

What’s on tap heading forward? Disney tunes at Wolf Trap with Kelsey, my ultimate Disney fan who has only seen Lion King live on Broadway three times and Hamilton again…enough to keep me ensured that the musical node in my brain stays engaged.

I hope you can say the same!

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  1. My favorite saying is how, “Music is the escape into ones soul.” As a vocalist/performer of Jazz, Classic Rock, Country, Blues and more I appreciated this story. I also play the cajon (play bass every now and again) so music and beats are always in my mind and actually help me through my day at work. Glad you and your family make time to appreciate all genres of music. I never heard of the Killers but I will give them a listen.

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