Thinking Strategically And Then Acting On It

Thinking Strategically And Then Acting On It

There is so much going on in the RLEC industry which means there is a great deal going on as well for our national association, our benefit programs, our Group Health Plan and our Foundation for Rural Service. That’s why those who lead these entities are gathered in Asheville, N.C., home base for our service center, board meetings and strategic thinking.

A lot was accomplished as we moved through best projections on what the future will hold and how we can best develop the tools to help our membership and the rural communities they serve so well. I particularly appreciated the leadership of the organization being willing to meet in Asheville since it’s a terrific opportunity to showcase our benefits operation team and the work they carry out daily on behalf of tens of thousands of rural Americans who are employed by NTCA members.

In the spirit of capturing that synergy, we also had several members of our management team also stay over in Asheville to participate in our strategic thinking process for our Service Management Corporation (SMC) led by our very own “strategic thinking” guru, facilitator and head of all of our training and education, Mark Marion.

I loved Mark’s energy and thoughtfulness as he guided us through expectations that our members and our own internal teams have for the benefit products we offer and how those benefits will be delivered in the future. The diet soda was only because it was the end of the day after a long week. A little caffeine boost never hurts!

So, it’s time to depart the beautiful mountains after four days and head back to D.C. where I have several meetings tomorrow but I continue to have a scientific inquiry on whether or not dirty laundry actually does expand my luggage!

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