Walking the Cyber Talk

Walking the Cyber Talk

I am certain that not a day goes by when I don’t receive at least two phishing emails looking for me to “fall for the ploy” and click on a link that I will deeply regret.  Our team was hit by a phishing attack today and I appreciated how quickly everyone jumped into action. From Bitcoin ransoms to hacking for sport, the reliance we all have on our technology certainly makes us more vulnerable.  Here at NTCA, we have put a huge premium on the security of information and data and have made a significant investment in our efforts and training.

On the premise that the front door into your network is through your staff, we have instituted a mandatory training module that all of our staff here at NTCA must complete by January 11th.  (I am about 5 sessions into the training and while some of the material is common sense, I have to admit that I am learning new things and will not wait as long as I have to update my new IOS systems when they become due – even if it’s a headache for a little bit afterwards!)  The scary dude above is from the module and we should all be so lucky if hackers looked that obvious!  I can’t wait for NTCA members to hear from my friend, Marc Sachs, who used to handle cybersecurity for Verizon and is now the SVP with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation who will share his insights on the necessities of a cybersecurity strategy at RTIME.

More to follow on NTCA engagement and leadership in this arena but I thought I would take the opportunity to share a recent blog post that our own internal cyber queen (possible new job title?) Jesse Ward has written that shares some of her wisdom on this critical topic.


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