Where the Past Meets the Future

Where the Past Meets the Future

In the spirit of “never a dull moment”, NTCA celebrated its 65th anniversary on June 1st. There has been unprecedented evolution in the communications space in that timeframe!

That also was the same day that our Foundation for Rural Service had well over 100 high-achieving high school students from rural America land at DCA to begin their Washington DC adventure – learning about our American history, Democracy and maybe a little bit about communications and how policies are crafted that ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to benefit in this digital age.

As a final note for a busy week, we concluded our #Throwback with NTCA campaign.  This social media adventure was launched to have NTCA member broadband providers join us in weaving a social media narrative of commitment to community, service excellence, evolution and experience in connecting rural America.  That effort, coupled with our #MotivationMonday  – sharing stories of inspiration for the future – really helped us tee up that NTCA rural broadband providers have a long, rich history in being the full service providers for their communities – some companies for over a century – and are the entities that policymakers should be focused on to support their efforts to continue their robust broadband expansion as opposed to some of the “shiny new toys” who are interested in the rural broadband space because of the amount of political noise surrounding the topic these days.  Community providers have the wearwithall to get the job done and will still be serving their communities for years to come.

That is why it was so fun to greet our Youth Tour participants (and the thousands of other folks traveling through DCA this weekend) to a wonderful reminder that NTCA members, powering their Smart Rural Communities, know that broadband is essential – and not a luxury.  These kids from rural America would be the first to agree with that sentiment!

My thanks to all of the amazing NTCA members who did participate in the campaign – it was fun to celebrate you and the stories you shared inspired our entire NTCA team.  You have always gone above and beyond in serving your communities because those are the folks who are your friends and neighbors and I cannot wait to see what the future holds as you continue to stay ahead of the technology curve!

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